Christmas – stock photo lightbox


This lightbox contain various Christmas items: Santa Claus, Christmas tree,Christmas socks, fireplace, snowflakes, Christmas globes and Christmas elves.

Stock photo collection available on istockphoto.


Architecture lightbox

Architectural photographs which includes images from different countries, modern and vintage buildings and constructions.

In this collection of architectural stock photos you cand find images of:

– Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Paul in Bath – ENGLAND;

– Hampton Court interior alley – ENGLAND;

– columns in Vatican (photo by night) – ITALY;

– Panorama of Negruzzi High school in Iasi – ROMANIA;

– Agigea suspension bridge in Dobrogea county – ROMANIA;

– catholic church belfry in Cacica, Bucovina County – ROMANIA;

– modern business buildings, vintage wooden doors, beautiful vintage lanterns made from cast iron (from England and Romania)

3D renders lightbox

3D renders collection for stock.

This collection contains:

– elegant white sofa with lights and a small table with a wine bottle;

– Christmas red globe with silver tinsel;

– stylized Christmas tree with a red globe;

– luxury green bath concept;

–¬†hierarchy chairs concept;

– a globe covered with grass and houses;

– red Christmas Bells;

– red Christmas globe with snowflakes;

– cartoony Easter Rabbit with a big Red Egg;

– two chess pieces, a queen and tower, chasing;

– a yellow toy excavator

People lightbox

This collection of stock photos contains images with peoples.

– young woman wearing a beautiful red dress;

– man with a big red shopping bag;

– business man;

– business woman;

– babies;

– group of people;

– healthcare and SPA;

– engineers;

– people shopping;

– happy people